Product Documentation

Manage App-V application delivery

Jun 21, 2013

With App-V, you can deploy applications from a virtual application server to any user device.

This release supports App-V 5.

To deliver these types of applications, you must:

  1. Deploy App-V, as described in the instructions in Microsoft's TechNet Library
  2. Publish the App-V applications on the App-V Management Server. Configure settings such as permissions and File Type Association. These settings are pre-existing if you already deployed App-V.
  3. Install the App-V client on VDAs.
  4. Install the App-V client in the master image for Studio machine catalogs.

    During machine catalog creation, the App-V Client must be installed on the master image, and configured through settings such as ShareContentStoreMode and EnablePackageScripts. You do not need to configure the App-V Publishing Server in the master image since it is configured during application launch.

  5. During XenDesktop site configuration in Studio, add the App-V Publishing and Management server addresses. These servers are automatically obtained by the Delivery Groups in that site.
  6. Use Studio to connect to App-V servers as described in Configure App-V resources.
  7. Use Studio to provide App-V applications through application Deliver Groups, as described in Create a Delivery Group application.
  8. The applications are now available for launch through Citrix Receiver, and are accessible through StoreFront.

The following figure illustrates the XenDesktop processes for delivering App-V applications

App-V use cases

You can launch App-V applications (from Server OS and Desktop OS Delivery Groups) as described in the following use cases:

  • Through Citrix Receiver
  • From the Start menu
  • Through the App-V client and Citrix Receiver
  • Simultaneously by multiple users on multiple devices
  • Through Citrix StoreFront

Note the following:

  • Modified App-V application properties are implemented when the application is started. For example, for applications with a modified display name or customized icon, the modification appears users start the application.
  • There is no change in App-V applications performance when a desktop and application Delivery Group is converted to an application Delivery Group.
  • XenDesktop only supports App-V server-based deployment in which an administrator uses an App-V Management Server and Publishing Server to manage App-V applications.