Product Documentation

Local App Access

Jun 11, 2013

Local App Access seamlessly integrates users' locally installed Windows applications into a hosted desktop environment without changing from one computer to another. With Local App Access, you can:

  • Access applications installed locally on a physical laptop, PC, or other device directly from their virtual desktop.

    Provide a flexible application delivery solution. If users have local applications that you cannot virtualize or that IT does not maintain, those applications still behave as though they are installed on a virtual desktop.

  • Eliminate double-hop latency when applications are hosted separately from the virtual desktop by putting the shortcut to the published application on the user's Windows device.
  • Use applications such as:
    • Video conferencing software such as GoToMeeting.
    • Specialty or niche applications that are not yet virtualized.
    • Applications and peripherals that would otherwise transfer huge amounts of data from a user device to a server and back to the user device, such as DVD burners and TV tuners.

Perform the following procedures to set up Local App Access.