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Enable Local App Access on client machines running Receiver

Sep 12, 2013

To use Local App Access feature with Citrix Receiver, you must:

  • Install Receiver on the local client machine.
  • Follow these procedures to complete the Local App Access feature configuration:
    • To enable Local App Access during installation
    • To enable the Local App Access template using the Group Policy editor
  • Set the Allow local app access policy setting to Enabled as described in To enable Local App Access in Studio.

To enable Local App Access during installation

  1. Using the Windows command prompt, change to the directory that contains Citrix Receiver obtained from the download page.
  2. Run the Citrix Receiver command to install Citrix Receiver with the Allow_CLIENTHOSTEDAPPSURL flag set as shown in the following examples:


    CitrixReceiverWeb.exe /ALLOW_CLIENTHOSTEDAPPSURL=1

    This enables Local App Access along with URL Redirection and also registers the add-ons required for URL redirection.

To enable the Local App Access template using the Group Policy editor

  1. In the Start menu, open Local Group Policy Editor using gpedit.msc command in the Run field or search for Edit group policy.
  2. Add the icaclient.adm template located in Receiver Configuration folder (Usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Online Plugin\Configuration) to the Local Group Policy Editor by selecting Computer Configuration.
  3. Right-click Administrative Templates and choose Add/Remove Templates > Add.
  4. Once the icaclient.adm template is successfully added, expand Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates (ADM) > Citrix Components > Citrix Receiver > User experience.
    Note: The icaclient.adm template is also available on the User Configuration once it is added to the Computer Configuration.
  5. Choose Local App Access settings.
  6. Select Enabled and then choose Allow URL Redirection to use the URL redirection feature. For URL redirection, separately register browser add-ons using the command line.

To enable Local App Access in Studio

When you enable the Local App Access setting, the VDA lets the client decide whether administrator-published or Local App Access shortcuts are enabled in the session. This policy (as well as for the URL redirection policy) applies to the entire machine. For more information, see Local App Access policy settings.

  1. In Studio, select Policy > Edit Policy.
  2. Select Allow local app access > Select.
  3. Select Allowed > OK.
  4. Click Next and then click Finished.