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Feature interaction with Microsoft Windows versions

Jun 11, 2013

Local App Access and Microsoft Windows

Local App Access behaves differently with Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 when compared to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. The Local App Access interaction with Windows includes the following behaviors.

  • Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 short cut behavior
    • Windows store applications installed on the client are not enumerated as part of Local App Access shortcuts.
    • Image and video files are usually opened by default using Windows store applications. However, Local App Access enumerates the Windows store applications and opens shortcuts with desktop applications.
  • Local Programs
    • For Windows 7, the folder is available in the Start menu.
    • For Windows 8, Local Programs is available only when the user chooses All Apps as a category from the Start screen. Not all subfolders are displayed in Local Programs.
  • Windows 8 graphics features for applications
    • Desktop applications are restricted to the desktop area and are covered by the Start screen and Windows 8 style applications.
    • Local App Access applications do not behave like desktop applications in multi-monitor mode. In multi-monitor mode, the Start screen and the desktop display on different monitors.
  • Windows 8 and Local App Access URL Redirection
    • Windows 8 — Because Windows 8 Internet Explorer has no add-ons enabled, use desktop Internet Explorer to enable URL Redirection.
    • Windows Server 2012 — In Windows Server 2012, Internet Explorer disables add-ons by default due to enhanced security configuration. To implement URL Redirection:
      1. Disable Internet Explorer enhanced configuration.
      2. Reset Internet Explorer options and restart to ensure that add-ons are enabled for standard users.

Taskbar and shortcuts

Multiple instances of a locally-running application behave according to the taskbar settings established for the virtual desktop. However, some shortcuts have the following limitations:
  • Shortcuts to locally-running applications are not grouped with running instances of those applications. They are also not grouped with running instances of hosted applications or pinned shortcuts to hosted applications.
  • Users can only close windows of locally-running applications from the Taskbar. Although users can pin local application windows to the desktop Taskbar and Start menu, the applications might not launch consistently when using these shortcuts.