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Mobility features

May 21, 2014

The Mobile SDK for Windows Apps provides a mobile device programming interface for Windows programs hosted on Citrix environments and delivered to any device with Citrix Receiver. The SDK provides Enterprise Windows developers with the means to develop Windows applications with capabilities and behaviors typical of native mobile applications. The functionality provided by the SDK significantly improves the user experience.

Developers can use the SDK with the Windows application development framework that best suits their needs. Download the SDK from the Citrix download pages.

Typical Windows applications are based on an expansive desktop space with access to a keyboard and a mouse. Legacy Windows applications do not accommodate on-screen keyboards and other features specific to mobile devices. The Mobile SDK for Windows Apps enables Windows developers to write new applications and to improve existing applications for delivery to supported mobile devices.

The Mobile SDK for Windows Apps enables a Windows application to control mobile device features such as:

  • Buttons – Get the current button target, set the button target, and specify whether to handle a button press on the server or the mobile device.
  • Camera – Take, download, and remove pictures using the built-in camera of the mobile device. Get picture state information.
  • Device properties – Retrieve device feature support information.
  • Display – Get and set mobile device screen metrics such as orientation, scroll mode, and viewport origin to ensure that text is easy to read and controls are easy to use.
  • Keyboard – Check the keyboard state and control whether to show or hide the on-screen keyboard. The keyboard state includes the keyboard type, keyboard flags, auto-capitalization, return key type, and edit field rectangle.
  • Notification – Notify the user about special events using sound, vibration, light, and text.
  • Phone – Make phone calls based on the contacts list on a server.
  • Picker control – Select an item from a list using a control that is native to the device.
  • SMS – Send an SMS from content on a server.

For features such as phone calls, SMS, and camera functions enabled by the Mobile SDK for Windows Apps, Receiver prompts the user for permission to perform the action so that the user always has the option to protect potentially sensitive information.

When developing hosted applications that use the Mobile SDK for Windows Apps, consider the following:
  • A secure connection (for example, using SSL/TLS or a VPN) should be enforced for the applications. Citrix Receiver should connect to trusted servers.
  • Consider obtaining legal advice regarding the use of mobile device features, such as the camera, which raise privacy issues.

Learn more about the Mobile SDK for Windows Apps here.