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Provide users with Remote PC Access

Jun 17, 2013

Refer to Remote PC Access for an introduction to this feature and a list of considerations to review when planning your deployment.

To provide users with remote access to their office PCs:

  1. Use Citrix Studio to initially configure your XenDesktop site as a remote PC deployment. When you create a site, a wizard guides you through the process of creating the first machine catalog and Delivery Group and mapping users to those machines. Enter the following information:

    On this page:

    You must:

    Operating System and Hardware

    Select Remote PC Access.

    Machine Accounts

    Select from existing machine accounts or Organizational Units (OUs) that appear on the page.

    You can provide additional for Remote PC Access machine accounts using Add machine accounts or Add OUs.

    Selecting one of these options displays a dialog box that lets you select Domain folders and subfolders OUs.


    Select or change the scope.

    Scopes are groups of objects that represent parts of your deployment and your organization. For example, you might have a scope for Delivery Groups used by a Sales team, and another that you assign to the Support team. Make sure that you select the correct scopes so that the right users can access the desktops in this Delivery Group.


    Review information you entered and add a description for users and a description for administrators.

    Note: Choosing a Remote PC deployment will not prevent VDI use of the site in the future.
  2. Install the VDA on the office PC used for local and remote access. Typically, you deploy the VDA automatically using your package management software; however, for proof-of-concept or small deployments, you can install the VDA manually on each office PC.

    Once the VDA is installed, the next domain user that logs on to a console session (locally or via RDP) on the office PC is automatically assigned to the Remote PC desktop. If additional domain users log on to a console session, they are also added to the desktop user list, subject to any restrictions you have configured.

    Note: To use RDP connections outside of your XenDesktop environment, you must add users or domain groups to the Direct Access Users group.
  3. Instruct your users to download and install Citrix Receiver onto each client device that accesses the office PC remotely. Citrix Receiver is available from or the application distribution systems for supported mobile devices.

Desktop users can securely access resources on the office PC while experiencing the benefits of Citrix HDX technology.

Troubleshooting Remote PC Access

The Delivery Controller writes the following diagnostic information about Remote PC Access to the Windows Application Event log:

Event ID Description
3300 Machine added to catalog
3301 Machine added to delivery group
3302 Machine assigned to user
3303 Exception
Note: Informational messages are not throttled. Error messages are throttled by discarding duplicate messages.