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Configure Flash Redirection

Jun 13, 2013
Flash Redirection offloads the processing of most Adobe Flash content (including animations, videos, and applications) to users' LAN- and WAN-connected Windows devices. By moving the processing to the user device rather than using server resources, Flash Redirection reduces server and network load. This results in greater scalability while ensuring a high definition user experience. Configuring Flash Redirection requires both server-side and client-side settings.
Caution: Flash Redirection involves significant interaction between the user device and server components. This feature should be used only in environments where security separation between the user device and server is not required. Additionally, user devices should be configured to use this feature only with trusted servers. Because Flash Redirection requires the Flash Player to be installed on the user device, this feature should be enabled only if the Flash Player itself is secured.

The legacy and second generation versions of Flash Redirection are independent solutions and run in separate virtual channels.

  • Legacy Flash Redirection features are supported on the client side only. If an earlier version of the Flash Player is installed on the user device, or if the Flash Player cannot be installed, Flash content renders on the server.
  • Second generation Flash Redirection is supported on both clients and servers. If the client supports second generation Flash Redirection, Flash content renders on the client. Second generation Flash Redirection features include:
    • Support for user connections over WAN.
    • Intelligent Fallback, which determines on a per-instance basis when it is more efficient to render the Flash content on the server.
    • Flash URL Compatibility List, which controls whether specific URLs should be rendered on the client, rendered on the server, or blocked.

For the latest updates to HDX Flash Compatibility, refer to CTX136588.

Flash event logging

Flash Redirection uses Windows event logging on the server to log Flash events. The event log indicates whether Flash Redirection is being used and provides details about issues. The following are common to all events logged by Flash Redirection:
  • Flash Redirection reports events to the Application log.
  • On Windows 8 and Windows 7 systems, a Flash Redirection-specific log appears in the Applications and Services Logs node.
  • The Source value is Flash.
  • The Category value is None.