Product Documentation

Machine Catalogs preparation

May 10, 2013

Before you create machine catalogs, prepare your environment.

  • Prepare the infrastructure — After identifying the type of machine that best suits your users' needs, ensure that you have the appropriate hardware or cloud environment in place. Depending on the type you select, this could include VM hosts and storage, prepared VMs, physical computers, or device collections (groups of Provisioning Services target devices).
  • Choose the machine catalog type — Choose the type of hosting infrastructure for user desktops and the level of control that users have over their desktop environment. The available types are:
    • Desktop OS machine catalogs provide a Windows client environment and provide desktops and applications that are assigned to individual users.
    • Server OS machine catalogs provide a Windows Server environment and provides standard desktops and applications that are shared by a large number of users. AWS environments only use this type of catalog.
    • Remote PC Access provides remote access to users' physical desktops at any time
  • Plan your machine infrastructure — Select whether you use virtual machines or physical hardware on which the catalogs reside.
  • Prepare a master image or template — Some machine types require a master image that creates user desktops. The master image or template should contain those elements that are common to all users, such as anti-virus software, Citrix plug-ins, and other default programs. With a master image, all users start with desktops that are created from the master image. Depending on the machine catalog type, any user customizations and system updates performed on the desktop are either persisted or discarded when users log off. Keep the following in mind:
    • If you are using Provisioning Services, you install the default programs on a master target device (either a desktop or a physical computer) and image the vDisk from this target device.
    • If you have a master image built using Windows XP or Vista, or if the master image is running Windows 7 with VDA Version 5.6, you must indicate this when creating the machine catalog. The wizard creates a specific machine catalog that is compatible with the current XenDesktop version. However, this machine catalog cannot use all the latest features until it upgraded.
  • Provide Active Directory accounts — As with physical computers, each machine you create needs a corresponding computer account in Active Directory. For some machine catalog types, Studio can create new accounts if you have access to an Active Directory domain administrator account. Otherwise, ensure that there are sufficient unused computer accounts available in Active Directory for the number of machines you require before you create the machine catalog.

    For remote PC access, ensure you have Organization Units for the machine catalog.

    If you are using Provisioning Services, you manage Active Directory computer accounts for target devices using Provisioning Services and existing Active Directory tools.

Once the prerequisites are in place, use the Studio Create Machine Catalog task to combine all the elements into a machine catalog.