Product Documentation

Provide Active Directory computer accounts

May 10, 2013

Each machine in a machine catalog needs a corresponding Active Directory computer account. If you plan to create random or static machine catalogs and you have access to an Active Directory domain administrator account, you can allow Studio to create new accounts when you create the machine catalog. If you do not have the necessary permissions, ensure that you have a sufficient number of unused Active Directory computer accounts available for the machines before you start the Create Machine Catalog task.

You can select the existing computer accounts to use by browsing the Active Directory when you create the machine catalog or, alternatively, you can import a .csv file containing a list of account names. Studio requires the following format for computer accounts imported from .csv files.


For existing and physical machine catalogs, you select or import existing accounts and assign each virtual or physical machine to both an Active Directory computer account and to a user account. For machines created through Provisioning Services, Active Directory computer accounts for target devices are managed using Provisioning Services and existing Active Directory tools. For more information about Active Directory integration with Provisioning Services, see Provisioning Services.

For information about managing a machine catalog's Active Directory or Organizational Units (OU) accounts, see Manage desktop computer accounts.