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Create Delivery Groups

May 10, 2013

Delivery Groups are collections of machines, and specify who can use a group of desktops or applications. Create Delivery Groups for specific teams, departments, or types of users. With Delivery Groups, you can:

  • Specify groups of users who access desktops, applications, or desktops and applications
  • Add users and groups of users

Delivery Group users

To deliver applications and desktops, you add users or user groups to Delivery Groups. You can select user groups by browsing or entering a list of Active Directory users and groups.

For Desktop OS Delivery Groups, you can import user data from a file after you create the group.

Delivery Group user experience

A Delivery Group's characteristics are based on the desktops or machines within the group's machine catalog. A desktop is a virtual or physical machine that is created manually through the Create Machine Catalog wizard. For Server OS and Desktop OS machine catalogs, they can also be provisioned automatically using Machine Creation Services or Provisioning Services. The desktop characteristics come from the machine catalog to which they are assigned.

A machine catalog is a collection of physical computers and virtual machines that you assign to users through the Delivery Group. What the user sees depends on the machine type:

  • Server OS desktops and applications — Users experience a Windows server environment. This type lets multiple user sessions share a single Windows Server environment. This option is appropriate for users who perform well-defined tasks, and do not require personalization. This is a random desktop environment that let users connect to any available Windows server environment.
  • Desktop OS desktops and applications — Users experience a Windows client environment. This type lets multiple users log in to one Windows client environment. This option provides the following desktop environments:
    • Static environment for users and lets them connect to a personalized desktop or application
    • Random environment in which the machine state is reset on user logoff, and are available for other users
  • Remote PC Access machines that provide users with remote access to their office desktops.

Neither machine catalogs nor Delivery Groups can contain a mixture of these types; they must include either all Server OS, Desktop OS, or Remote PC Access machines.

Delivery types

Depending on your environment as described in Delivery Group user experience, you can select a Delivery Groups type that determines what Delivery Groups provide to user devices:

  • Desktops only
  • Applications only
  • Desktops and applications (not available for static Desktop OS machines)