Product Documentation

Create a new Delivery Group

May 10, 2013

Delivery Groups specify which users can access desktops or applications, usually based on user characteristics, such as the types of users. Before creating a Delivery Group, note the following:

  • You can only create a Delivery Group if at least one machine remains unused in the machine catalog you select.
  • You cannot use a machine in more than one Delivery Group.
  • You can create Delivery Groups from multiple machine catalogs with the same characteristics.
  • A machine catalog can be associated with one or more Delivery Groups.
  • Multiple catalogs can reference the same Delivery Group.
  • In Studio, you cannot create mixed Delivery Groups from machine catalogs with different machine types. Machine catalog characteristics must match if you want to put the machines into a single group. For example, you cannot mix machines from:
    • Server OS machine catalogs with Desktop OS machine catalogs
    • Allocation type static machine catalog with random machine catalog
  • For Remote PC Access Delivery Groups, any machine added to a Remote PC Access machine catalog automatically is associated with a Delivery Group.

To create a new Delivery Group

  1. In Studio, select the Delivery group node and click Create Delivery Group.
  2. Click Add Machines, select a machine catalog for this Delivery Group, and then enter the number of machines the group consumes from the machine catalog.
    Tip: The total number of available machines in the machine catalog appears in the display.
  3. On the Users page, click Add users to add the users or user groups that can access the desktops or applications. You can select user groups by browsing or entering a list of Active Directory users and groups each separated by a semicolon. For Desktop OS Delivery Groups, you can import user data from a file after you create the group.
  4. On the Delivery Type page, select what the desktops deliver to users:
    • Desktops only
    • Applications only
    • Desktops and applications (Not available for static Desktop OS machines)
  5. If the Delivery Group provides applications, on the Applications page, select applications from the display, or add applications as described in Create a Delivery Group application.
  6. On the StoreFront page, select StoreFront URLs to be pushed to Citrix Receiver so that Receiver can connect to a StoreFront without user intervention. Note that this setting is for Receiver running on VDAs.
    • Select Automatic to select server URLs from the list.
    • Select Manually to enter a server address if it does not appear in the list.
    • Select No to omit adding StoreFronts and go to the Summary page.
    • Select Yes to select from existing store URLs listed in the Selected stores display.

      You can also add a new store by clicking Add new and entering the StoreFront's URL if you do not see the StoreFronts you want in the display, and you know the store exists.

  7. On the Scopes page, define which administrators can access the Delivery Group.
  8. On the Summary page, check all details and then enter a display name that users and administrators see and a descriptive Delivery Group name that only administrators see.

You have now created a delivery group. For information about applications that Delivery Groups can deliver to end user devices, see Hosted applications.