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Display configuration log content

Feb 06, 2013

When initiating configuration changes and administrative activities, Citrix Studio and Citrix Director create high level operations, which are displayed in the upper portion of the center pane in Studio. A high level operation results in one or more service and SDK calls, which are low level operations. When you select a high level operation in the upper portion of the center pane, the lower portion of the center pane displays the low level operations.

If an operation fails before completion, the log operation might not be completed in the Database; for example, a start record will have no corresponding stop record. In such cases, the log indicates that there is missing information. When you display logs based on time ranges, incomplete logs are shown if the data in the logs matches the criteria. For example, if all logs for the last five days are requested and a log exists with a start time in the last five days but has no end time, it is included.

When using a script to call PowerShell cmdlets, if you create a low level operation without specifying a parent high level operation, Configuration Logging will create a surrogate high level operation.

To display configuration log content

From Studio, select Logging in the left pane. By default, the display in the center pane lists the log content chronologically (newest entries first), separated by date.
To filter the display by Complete this action
Search results Enter text in the Search box at the top of the center pane. The filtered display includes the number of search results. To return to the standard logging display, clear the text in the Search box.
Column heading Click a column heading to sort the display by that field.
A date range Select an interval from the drop down list box, which is next to the Search box at the top of the center pane (today, last 7 days, last 28 days, last three months, last six months).