Product Documentation

Policy settings for IPv6

Jun 17, 2013
Two Citrix policy settings affect support for a pure IPv6 or dual stack IPv4/IPv6 implementation. Configure the following connection-related policy settings:
  • Only use IPv6 Controller registration — Controls which form of address the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) uses to register with the Delivery Controller. Default = Disabled
    • When the VDA communicates with the Controller, it uses a single IPv6 address chosen in the following precedence: global IP address, Unique Local Address (ULA), link-local address (only if no other IPv6 addresses are available).
    • When disabled, the VDA registers and communicates with the Controller using the machine's IPv4 address.
  • Controller registration IPv6 netmask — A machine can have multiple IPv6 addresses; this policy setting allows administrators to restrict the VDA to only a preferred subnet (rather than a global IP, if one is registered). This setting specifies the network where the VDA will register: the VDA registers only on the first address that matches the specified netmask. This setting is valid only if the Only use IPv6 Controller registration policy setting is enabled. Default = Empty string
Important: Use of IPv4 or IPv6 by a VDA is determined solely by these policy settings. In other words, to use IPv6 addressing, the VDA must be controlled by a Citrix policy with the Only use IPv6 Controller registration setting enabled.