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Configure ICA Keep-Alive

Mar 26, 2013

Enabling the ICA Keep-Alive feature prevents broken connections from being disconnected. When enabled, if the server detects no activity (for example, no clock change, no mouse movement, no screen updates), this feature prevents Remote Desktop Services from disconnecting that session. The server sends keep-alive packets every few seconds to detect if the session is active. If the session is no longer active, the server marks the session as disconnected.

Note: The ICA Keep-Alive feature works only if you are not using Session Reliability. Session Reliability has its own mechanisms to prevent broken connections from being disconnected. Configure ICA Keep-Alive only for connections that do not use Session Reliability.

ICA Keep-Alive settings override keep-alive settings that are configured in Microsoft Windows Group Policy.

Configure ICA Keep-Alive using the following policy settings:
  • ICA keep alive timeout. Specifies the interval (1-3600 seconds) used to send ICA keep-alive messages. Do not configure this option if you want your network monitoring software to close inactive connections in environments where broken connections are so infrequent that allowing users to reconnect to sessions is not a concern.

    The 60 second default interval causes ICA Keep-Alive packets to be sent to user devices every 60 seconds. If a user device does not respond in 60 seconds, the status of the ICA sessions changes to disconnected.

  • ICA keep alives. Sends or prevents sending ICA keep-alive messages periodically.