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Feb 14, 2013
You can produce the following Delegated Administration reports:
  • An HTML report listing the permissions for an individual administrator. This is called a resultant set of permissions (RSOP) report, and is requested through Citrix Studio.
  • An HTML or CSV report that maps all built-in and custom roles to permissions. This report is created by running a PowerShell script.

To create an RSOP report

This HTML report shows the role/scope pairs associated with an administrator, and lists the individual permissions for each type of object (for example, Delivery Groups and Machine Catalogs).
  1. In Studio, click Configuration > Administrators in the left pane. A list of existing administrators appears.
  2. In the middle pane, select an administrator, then click Create RSOP Report.

You can also request this report when creating, copying, or editing an administrator.

To create a role-to-permission mapping report

Use the OutputPermissionMapping.ps1 PowerShell script to build an HTML or CSV table that lists the permissions associated with each built-in and custom role.

To run this script, you must be a Full Administrator, a Read Only Administrator, or a custom administrator with permission to read roles. The script is located in: Program Files\Citrix\DelegatedAdmin\SnapIn\Citrix.DelegatedAdmin.Admin.V1\Scripts\.


OutputPermissionMapping.ps1 [-Help] [-Csv] [-Path <string>] [-AdminAddress <string>] [-Show] [<CommonParameters>]

Parameter Description
-Help Displays script help.
-Csv Specifies CSV output. Default = HTML
-Path <string> Specifies where to write the output. Default = stdout
-AdminAddress <string> Specifies the IP address or host name of the Delivery Controller to connect to. Default = localhost
-Show (Valid only when the -Path parameter is also specified) When you write the output to a file, this parameter causes the output to be opened in an appropriate program, such as a web browser.
<CommonParameters> Common parameters supported by this script: Verbose, Debug, ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, WarningAction, WarningVariable, OutBuffer, and OutVariable. For details, see the Microsoft documentation.
The following example writes an HTML table to a file named Roles.html and opens the table in a web browser.
& "$env:ProgramFiles\Citrix\DelegatedAdmin\SnapIn\Citrix.DelegatedAdmin.Admin.V1\ 
Scripts\OutputPermissionMapping.ps1" -Path Roles.html –Show
The following example writes a CSV table to a file named Roles.csv. The table is not displayed.
& "$env:ProgramFiles\Citrix\DelegatedAdmin\SnapIn\Citrix.DelegatedAdmin.Admin.V1\ 
Scripts\OutputPermissionMapping.ps1" –CSV -Path Roles.csv
From a Windows command prompt, the preceding example command is:
powershell -command "& '%ProgramFiles%\Citrix\DelegatedAdmin\SnapIn\ 
Citrix.DelegatedAdmin.Admin.V1\Scripts\OutputPermissionMapping.ps1' -CSV -Path Roles.csv"