Product Documentation

Application and desktop delivery

Apr 23, 2013

Once you have created Delivery Groups to deliver your applications and desktops, you can perform the following Delivery Group management tasks:

  • Edit a Delivery Group
  • Create a Delivery Group application
  • Change the display properties of Delivery Groups
  • Power manage Desktop OS machines
  • Import and export user data
  • Manage machine sessions
  • Stop users from connecting to machines
  • Manage Delivery Group resources
  • Delete machines from machine catalogs
  • Remove machines from Delivery Groups
  • Find machines, sessions, machine catalogs, and Delivery Groups
  • Secure Delivery Groups
  • Restrict access to machines in a Delivery Group
  • Shut down and restart machines
  • Remove the Shut Down command
  • Test a Delivery Group
  • Upgrade a Delivery Group
  • Set up the restart schedule for Server OS Machine desktops
  • Manage Server OS Machine server load