Product Documentation

Change Delivery Group user settings

Mar 29, 2013
You can change the following user settings for all the machines in a Delivery Group.
  1. In Studio, select the Delivery Groups node and select the Delivery Group whose properties you want to change.
  2. Click Edit Delivery Group.
  3. Click End user settings and, change the desktops' properties as required.

    You can change the following user properties:

    Property Description


    Delivery Group description that users see and in StoreFront.


    Makes the Delivery Group available to provide resources.

    Desktops per user (Desktop OS machines only)

    Limits the number of shared desktop instances that a user can simultaneously launch.

    For the assigning-on-first-use case, this property limits the number of desktops users can assign to themselves.

    Color depth

    Note that the graphics driver on the Virtual Desktop Agent handles Alpha (transparency) data in addition to red, green, and blue data. Assuming that a suitable Citrix plug-in client in use has enough graphics memory to display 32-bit color, sessions are displayed at that color depth even if you select True Color (24 bit) here.

    Time zone

    The time zone in which the Delivery Group operates.

    Enable Secure ICA

    Conceals all communications to and from machines in the Delivery Group using the SecureICA feature, which encrypts the ICA protocol.