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Edit a Delivery Group

Jun 20, 2013

You can change a Delivery Group's characteristics.

Note: When editing a Remote PC Access Delivery Group, the User Profile Selection and Reboot Schedule do not apply and are locked.

In Studio, select the Delivery Group node, select a Delivery Group, and click Edit Delivery Group.The following table summarizes Delivery Group changes.

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Users or user groups that can access desktops and applications.

Select user groups by browsing or entering a list of Active Directory users and groups each separated by a semicolon.

For Desktop OS Delivery Groups, import user data from a file after you create the group.

User Assignments

Machines assigned to the Delivery Group by selecting and assigning machines. You can optionally assign users as described in the Users row.

Delivery Type

Depending on the catalog type, select what the machines deliver to users:
  • Desktops only.
  • Applications only.
  • Desktops and applications. This option is not available in static Desktop OS machines.


Select StoreFront URLs to be pushed to Citrix Receiver so that Receiver can connect to a store without user intervention.

This feature is not available for Application-only Delivery Groups.


Select or change the Delivery Group's scope.

Scopes are groups of objects that represent parts of your deployment and your organization. For example, you might have a scope for Delivery Groups used by a Sales team, and another that you assign to the Support team. Make sure that you select the correct scopes so that the right users can access the desktops in this Delivery Group.

End User Settings

Change the Delivery Group description, number of desktops per user, color depth, time zone, or Secure ICA setting.

Power Management

Manage the following machine power settings:
  • Days and times to turn off machines.
  • Specify the delay (in minutes) before suspending any disconnected machine for peak hours and off peak hours.
  • Specify what happens to the machines when disconnected: nothing, suspend, or shut down.

Access Policy

Change whether the Delivery Group connections go through the NetScaler Gateway.

Specify which machines connect through the NetScaler Gateway using filters.

Restart Schedule

(Server OS Delivery Groups only)

Change the following settings for Server OS Delivery Groups:
  • Whether and how to communicate the reboot to users.
  • Automatically reboot machines, and the schedule to do so if selected.

To remove a Remote PC Access Delivery Group machine catalog association

When first created, Remote PC Access machine catalogs have an association to a Delivery Group. This means that machine accounts or Organizational Units added to the machine catalog later can be added to the Delivery Group. The association can be switched off or on.

  1. In Studio, select the Delivery Group node in the left pane, select a Remote PC Access Delivery Group.
  2. In the Details section, select Machine Catalogs.
  3. Select a machine catalog and then click Remove Association to remove the machine catalog association from the Delivery Group.
  4. You can add or restore an association by clicking Add Desktops.

To search for a Delivery Group

To search for Delivery Groups, use the Search node as described in Find machines, sessions, machine catalogs, applications, and Delivery Groups . You cannot search within the Delivery Group tab.