Product Documentation

Set up the restart schedule for a Server OS machine Delivery Group

May 01, 2014
Use the Reboot Schedule feature to configure the restart schedule for Server OS machines within a Delivery Group. You can:
  • Specify the days and hour on which reboots occur
  • Distribute the restart activity over an evenly spaced duration (this is useful for large groups)
  • Create a customized message that notifies users about the restart
Note: You cannot perform an automated power-on or shutdown in Studio.
  1. From the Delivery Group node, select Edit Delivery Group.
  2. Click Reboot Schedule.
  3. Click Yes. The Reboot Schedule options activate.
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Restart machines — Select Daily, or specify a day of the week. For example, Every Saturday.
    • Restart first group at — Using 24 hour format, enter the hour and minute at which the first group restarts. For example, 20:15.
    • Restart additional groups every — Select All machines at once or the time interval at which groups restart. For example, 2 hours.
  5. Select when to send a restart notification using the Send restart notification to user list. For example, 5 minutes before user is logged off. If you select this option, enter the notification message text then click OK.