Product Documentation

Import and export user data

Feb 20, 2013

You can allocate desktops and applications to users by importing data from a .csv file if:

  • The Delivery Group is based on existing or physical machines
  • You have correct permissions to access the file and the Delivery Group

This .csv file can contain data from any previous version, and you can only use it to update Delivery Groups based on physical machines.

You can also export user data to a file.

Import and export files must have the following characteristics:

  • They must be .csv files.
  • The first line in the file must contain column headings, which can be:
    • [ADComputerAccount],[AssignedUser],[VirtualMachine],[HostId].
    • The column headings can be in any order, but they must be comma-separated.
  • The subsequent lines contain the appropriate data, also comma-separated. The ADComputerAccount entries can be any of the following:
    • Common names (for example computer01)
    • IP addresses (for example
    • Distinguished names (for example
    • Domain and computer name pairs (for example mydomain\computer01)

You can find sample files on the XenDesktop installation media in \support\ImportExport.

To import data from or export data to a file

  1. In Studio, under Delivery Groups, select the Delivery Group whose data you want to import or export.
  2. Click Edit Delivery Group.
  3. On the Edit Assignment page, click Import list or Export list.