Product Documentation

Manage machine sessions

Mar 29, 2013

When a user logs on to a machine, the user device links to the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA on the machine and establishes a session. When performing maintenance or to assist users, you can control sessions by:

  • Logging users off sessions
  • Disconnecting sessions
  • Sending messages to users
  • Searching to locate sessions, users, and machines

To log off or disconnect sessions

Depending on the machine type, you can log off and disconnect sessions.

  • If you log off a session, the session closes and the machine becomes available to other users unless it is allocated to a specific user.
  • If you disconnect a session, the user's applications continue to run and the machine remains allocated to that user. If the user reconnects, the same machine is allocated.
Note: Depending on the session's machine type, you can configure power state timers to automatically process unused sessions. This frees up machines and saves power. For example, you can set up the system to automatically log off any disconnected session after 10 minutes.
  1. In Studio, use Search to locate the session or select a Desktop Group and click View Machines.
  2. Select the session or desktop and click Log off or Disconnect.

To send messages to users

You can send messages to users to inform them about machine maintenance that affects their sessions. For example, you may want to tell users to log off before critical maintenance is about to occur.

  1. In Studio, use Search to locate the session, machine, or user. Alternatively, select a Desktop Group and click View Machines.
  2. Select the session, machine, or user and click Send message.
  3. Compose the message.