Product Documentation

Enable or disable maintenance mode

Jun 20, 2013

To temporarily stop connections to a machine to perform maintenance tasks, put the machine into maintenance mode. You can put Delivery Groups or individual machines into maintenance mode.

Putting a machine into maintenance mode lets you perform administrative tasks on the associated image, such as applying patches and upgrades using image management tools.

User connectivity is affected as follows when in maintenance mode:

  • With Server OS machines, users can connect to existing sessions but cannot start new sessions.
  • With Desktop OS and Remote PC Access machines, users cannot connect or reconnect once the machine is in maintenance mode. If they are already connected, then they stay connected until they next disconnect or log off.

Machines are available for user connections when you take them out of maintenance mode.

  1. In Studio, use Search, or select a Delivery Group and click View Machines to locate individual machines. Alternatively, select the Delivery Groups node to view and locate a Delivery Group.
  2. Select the machine or Delivery Group and click Enable maintenance mode or Disable maintenance mode.