Product Documentation

Remove machines from Delivery Groups

Feb 20, 2013

Removing a machine deletes it from a Delivery Group but does not delete the associated virtual machine from the machine catalog on which that the group is based. Therefore, the machines are available for assignment to other Delivery Groups.

You can remove machines only while they are in maintenance mode and shut down. To temporarily stop users from connecting to a machine while you are removing it, put the machine into maintenance mode before shutting it down.

Important: Machines might contain personal data. Manage this appropriately especially if the machine is allocated to another user. For example, you may need to reimage the virtual machine.
  1. In Studio, use Search to locate the machine you want to remove or select a Delivery Group and click View Machines.
  2. Select the machine, and put it in maintenance mode.
  3. Make sure that the machine is shut down.
  4. Click Remove from Delivery Group.