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Find machines, sessions, machine catalogs, applications, and Delivery Groups

Aug 11, 2014
Use the Search feature to view specific machines, sessions, machine catalogs, applications, or Delivery Groups.
Note: You cannot search within the machine catalogs or Delivery Groups tabs using the Search box. Use the Search node.
  1. Select the Search node.

    To display additional search criteria in the display, click the plus sign next to the Search drop-down fields. You can remove the search criteria by clicking the minus button

  2. Enter the name, or use the drop-down list to select another search option for the Studio item you want to find.
  3. Optionally, save your search for later use by selecting Save as. The search appears in the Save Search field.

Alternatively, click the Expand Search icon ( ) to display a drop-down list that contains search properties. Perform an advanced search by building an expression from properties in the drop-down list.

Use the following tips to enhance your search:
  • To displays additional characteristics to include in the display on which you can search and sort, right click any column and select click Select columns.
  • To locate a user device connected to a machine, use Endpoint and Is, and enter the device's name, or use Client (IP) and Is, and enter the device's IP address.
  • To locate active sessions, use Session State, Is, and Connected
  • To list all of the machines in a Delivery Group, select the group from the Delivery Groups node and click View Machines