Product Documentation

Secure Delivery Groups

Mar 11, 2013

You can conceal all communications to and from machines in any Delivery Group using the SecureICA feature, which encrypts the ICA protocol.

When passing through public networks, Citrix recommend using additional encryption methods besides SecureICA. Citrix recommends using SSL/TLS encryption for traversing public networks. Also, SecureICA does not check data integrity.

By default, XenDesktop disables SecureICA. If you enable it, the default encryption level is 128-bit. You can configure the level using the XenDesktop SDK. See the XenDesktop SDK documentation for detailed information.
  1. In Studio, select the Delivery Groups node and select the Delivery Group whose communications you want to secure.
  2. Click Edit Delivery Group and then click Basic settings.
  3. Select Enable Secure ICA.