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Jun 20, 2013

Use machine catalogs to efficiently manage machines as follows:

  • Update users' desktops
  • Add machines available for users
  • Modify a machine catalog
  • Delete a machine catalog
  • Manage computer accounts:
    • Active Directory accounts for Desktop OS and Server OS machines
    • Organizational Units (OU) for Remote PC Access machines
  • Manage machine catalogs whose machines have older operating systems or Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) versions including:
    • Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems
    • VDAs whose versions are earlier than this release

Update users' desktops

Random machine catalogs

Maintain users' desktops by applying global updates, such as Windows updates, anti-virus software updates, or configuration changes, to the Master Image. Then modify the machine catalog to use the updated master image so users receive the updated desktop at their next logon. Using this method lets you make significant changes to users' desktops, including upgrading to a new operating system, for large numbers of users in one operation.

Static and Remote PC Access machine catalogs

You must manage updates to users' desktops outside of XenDesktop, either on an individual basis or collectively using third-party software distribution tools. For machines created through Provisioning Services, updates to users' desktops are propagated through the vDisk.

Citrix recommends that you save copies or snapshots of master images before you make any updates. The Database retains a historical record of the master images used with each machine catalog. To quickly revert a machine catalog to use the previous version, preserving the old Master Images in their original state, that is, do not delete, move, or rename the master images. You can then use the previous version of the Master Image should users encounter problems with updates that you have deployed to their desktops, thereby minimizing user downtime.

Add machines

You can deploy additional machines to an existing machine catalog as follows:

For this type of machine catalog:

You can:

Desktop OS and Server OS

Add more machines and, if required, add more Active Directory computer accounts.

Remote PC Access

Deploy the VDA component on additional office PCs that already are members of appropriate Organizational Units (OUs).

Existing and physical

Set up additional VMs or blade PCs, respectively, plus any computer accounts that are required, outside of XenDesktop. You can then add these machines and accounts to the machine catalog.

Machines created by Provisioning Services (with Personal vDisks)

Add more machines by joining more target devices to an existing device collection using Provisioning Services. Alternatively, create additional device collections in Provisioning Services and then add the new collections to the existing machine catalog.

Change machine catalogs

  • Modify a machine catalog -— You can add or remove administrators from the list of assignment administrators permitted to use the machine catalog, edit the machine catalog name or description, and quickly view the details and status of all the machines included in the machine catalog.
  • Delete a machine catalog — When you delete a machine catalog, the machines and the associated Active Directory computer accounts or OUs are removed from XenDesktop management. For Windows Desktop OS and Windows Server OS machine catalogs, you can optionally delete the machines and computer accounts from the host and from Active Directory.
  • Upgrade a machine catalog — If a machine catalog includes any machines running Windows XP or Vista, or includes VDA versions prior to this release, the wizard detects and notifies you that these machines reside in a separate machine catalog. You can continue to use these early version machine catalogs and their Delivery Groups. However, to take advantage of new features introduced in this release, you must upgrade as described in Upgrade a machine catalog and as follows:
    • Upgrade the machine's operating system to Windows 7 or Windows 8, which is compatible with XenDesktop 7
    • Upgrade any of the following VDA versions to XenDesktop 7:
      • 5.0 Service Pack 1
      • 5.5
      • 5.6
      • 5.6 Feature Pack 1