Product Documentation

Add machines to a machine catalog

Jun 20, 2013

Prepare to add machines

Before you add machines to a machine catalog, consider the following:

  • Make sure that the virtualization infrastructure hosting the specified master image for the machine catalog has sufficient processors, memory, and storage to accommodate the additional machines you plan to create.
  • Make sure you have enough computer accounts
    • Sufficient number of unused Active Directory computer accounts for the additional machines you plan to create. If you are using existing computer accounts, note that the number of machines you can create is limited by the number of accounts that are available.
    • Access to an Active Directory domain administrator account for the domain of which the desktops are members.
    • Adequate numbers of Organizational Units (OUs) for Remote PC Access machines.
  • Remote PC Access machine catalogs — When Remote PC Access is first deployed, the system creates a machine catalog and associated Delivery Group specific for Remote PC Access. The machine catalog contains all of the Machine Accounts, which are individual accounts or Organizational Units (OUs), that contain multiple accounts. The Delivery Group contains all of the users assigned during the Remote PC Access deployment. In addition to adding machines to the catalog, you can add, change, or remove OUs to specify which additional machines are automatically added to the deployment from this point on.

To add machines to a machine catalog

  1. Log on to the computer running Studio. If you plan to use XenDesktop to create Active Directory computer accounts for the additional machines, log on using a domain administrator account for the domain of which the desktops are members.
  2. Start Studio.
  3. Select Machine Catalogs and then select a machine catalog in the results pane, and click Add machines.
  4. On the Machines and Users page, import machines using one of the following methods:
    • Click Add Computers to select computers from the XenDesktop domain.
    • Select an Active Directory Account from the list.
    • If more Active Directory computer accounts are required and you want XenDesktop to create new accounts for the machines, select Import accounts.
  5. On the Import accounts page, provide the required information.

    To create new computer accounts, specify:

    • Active Directory to which the accounts are added
    • Domain
    • OU
    • Name for the new account

    To use existing accounts, click Browse and select computer accounts in Active Directory or click Import and specify a .csv file containing a list of account names. Because XenDesktop manages these accounts, either allow XenDesktop to reset the passwords for all the accounts or supply the account password (which must be the same for all accounts). Make sure that you import enough accounts for all additional machines you want to create.

  6. On the Summary page, check that the details are correct.

    Studio performs machine creation as a background process so that you can continue to work. Because XenDesktop creates VMs sequentially, this can be a lengthy process when you add a large number of machines to a machine catalog. Machine creation continues to completion even if you close Studio.