Product Documentation

Delete a machine catalog

Jun 20, 2013

Any administrator who has permissions to use a machine catalog when allocating desktops to users can delete that machine catalog. Before deleting a machine catalog, make sure that:

  • All users are logged off from the desktops in the machine catalog (You can force log offs if users have not logged off )
  • No disconnected user sessions are still running
  • All machine catalogs machines are in maintenance mode
  • All existing machines are shut down
  • The machine catalog is not associated with a Delivery Group

To delete a machine catalog

  1. In Studio, select the Machine Catalogs node and then select the machine catalog in the results pane, and click Delete Machine Catalog.
  2. For Desktop OS and Server OS machine catalogs, specify whether to delete the machines hosting users' desktops or applications. If you delete the machines, you have the following options for the removed machines and the associated Active Directory computer accounts:
    • Leave the machines in the Active Directory
    • Disable the machines in the Active Directory
    • Delete the machines from the Active Directory
  3. On the Summary page, check that the details are correct.