Product Documentation

Move a Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) to another Site

Feb 24, 2014

You can move a VDA to another Site (from Site 1 to Site 2) when upgrading, or when moving a VDA image that was created in a test Site to a production Site. There are two ways to do this: using the installer or Citrix policies.

Move a VDA using the installer

Important: Specify Delivery Controllers in the installer only when the Controllers policy setting is not used.

Run the installer and add a Delivery Controller, specifying the FQDN (DNS entry) of a Controller in Site 2.

Move a VDA using Citrix policies

Use the Group Policy Editor to move multiple VDAs between Sites.

For example:
  1. Create a policy in Site 1 that specifies the following settings, then filter the policy to the Delivery Group level to initiate a staged VDA migration between the Sites.
    • Controllers - containing FQDNs (DNS entries) of one or more Controllers in Site 2.
    • Enable auto update of Controllers - set to disabled.
  2. Each VDA in the Delivery Group is alerted within 90 minutes of the new policy. The VDA ignores the list of Controllers it receives (because auto-update is disabled); it selects one of the Controllers specified in the policy, which lists the Controllers in Site 2.
  3. When the VDA successfully registers with a Controller in Site 2, it receives the Site 2 ListOfDDCs and policy information, which has auto-update enabled by default. Since the Controller with which the VDA was registered in Site 1 is not on the list sent by the Controller in Site 2, the VDA re-registers, choosing among the Controllers in the Site 2 list. From then on, the VDA is automatically updated with information from Site 2.