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To simulate connection scenarios with Citrix policies

Mar 05, 2013
  1. Depending on your environment, open the Citrix Group Policy Modeling Wizard:
    • From Studio, select the Policy node in the left pane of the console and then click the Modeling tab. From the Actions pane, select Launch Modeling Wizard.
    • From the Group Policy Management Console, right-click the Citrix Group Policy Modeling node in the tree pane and then select Citrix Group Policy Modeling Wizard.
  2. Follow the instructions in the wizard to select the domain controller, users, computers, environment settings, and Citrix assignment criteria you want to use in the simulation.
When you click Finish, the wizard produces a report of the modeling results.

In Studio, the report appears in the middle pane under the Modeling tab.

To view the report, select View Modeling Report. The report groups effective Citrix policy settings together under Citrix Computer Policies and Citrix User Policies headings.