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Manage Citrix policy templates

Apr 10, 2013
Policy templates allow you to configure Citrix policies to effectively manage the end user experience within your environment. Templates consist of pre-configured settings that optimize performance for specific environments or network conditions, for example when there is a low bandwidth or users require a high quality user experience. Policies can be applied to server and desktop operating systems or to individual user sessions. You can use templates in the following ways:
  • As a source for creating other policies
  • As a tool with which to compare existing policies
  • As a method for delivering or receiving policy configurations from Citrix Support or trusted third parties
You can perform the following tasks with policy templates:
  • Create new templates using existing templates or policies
  • Create new policies using existing templates
  • Import and export templates

Policy templates are displayed on the Templates tab in Studio and Group Policy Editor. In Studio, templates are displayed in a single list. In Group Policy Editor, Computer templates are displayed when you are working with Computer policies. Likewise, User templates are displayed when you are working with User policies.

When selected, each template displays the following information tabs beneath the templates list:
  • Description displays a concise overview of the purpose of the selected template.
  • Settings displays a list of all the configured settings, their current values, and their default values in the selected template.

Templates and Delegated Administration

Policy templates are local files that are stored on the machine running Studio and not in the site database. Local files are controlled by Windows administrative permissions rather than Delegated Administration roles and scopes. This means that an administrator granted read-only permissions under the Delegated Administration model can, for example, create new templates. Because templates are local files, however, no changes are actually made to your environment.

Built-in templates

Citrix provides the following built-in templates:
  • High Definition User Experience templates include settings for providing high quality audio, graphics, and video to users.
  • High Server Scalability templates include settings for providing an optimized user experience while hosting more users on a single server.
  • Optimized Bandwidth for WAN templates include settings for providing an optimized experience to users with low bandwidth or high latency connections; for example, users working from branch offices over a shared WAN connection.
  • Security and Control templates include settings for disabling access to peripheral devices, drive mapping, port redirection, and Flash acceleration on user devices.

You can use these templates as a model for creating new policies or templates. Built-in templates are created and updated by Citrix. You cannot modify or delete these templates. You can, however, modify or delete templates that you create or import through Studio or Group Policy Editor.