Product Documentation

Troubleshoot user issues

Jun 10, 2013

Use the Director's Activity Manager to view information about the user:

  • Check for details about the user's logon, connection, and applications.
  • Shadow the user's machine.
  • Troubleshoot the issue with the recommended actions in the following table, and, if needed, escalate the issue to the appropriate administrator.

Troubleshooting tips

User's issue See these suggestions:
Logon takes a long time or fails intermittently or repeatedly Diagnose user logon issues
Application is slow or won't respond Resolve application failures
Connection failed Restore desktop connections
Session is slow or not responding Restore sessions
Video is slow or poor quality Run HDX channel system reports
Note: To make sure that the machine is not in maintenance mode, from the User Details view, review the Machine Details panel.

In the User Details view, the HDX panel does not display mapped client drives, and mapped printers are not detected in the printing channel.