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Monitor deployments

May 20, 2013

With full administrator permissions, when you open Director, the Dashboard provides a centralized location to monitor the health and usage of a site.

If there are currently no failures and no failures have occurred in the past 60 minutes, panels stay collapsed. When there are failures, the specific failure panel automatically appears.

Note: Depending on your organization's license and your Administrator privileges, some options or features might not be available.
Panel Description
User Connection Failures Connection failures over the last 60 minutes. Click the categories next to the total number to view metrics for that type of failure. In the adjacent table, that number is broken out by Delivery Groups.
Failed Desktop OS Machines or Failed Server OS Machines Total failures in the last 60 minutes broken out by Delivery Groups. Failures broken out by types, including failed to start, stuck on boot, and unregistered. For Server OS machines, failures also include machines reaching maximum load.
Sessions Connected Connected sessions across all Delivery Groups for the last 60 minutes.
Average Logon Duration Logon data for the last 60 minutes. The large number on the left is the average logon duration across the hour.

Logon data for VDAs earlier than XenDesktop 7.0 is not included in this average.

Infrastructure Health status of your site's hosts, controllers. and infrastructure. View performance alerts.

For hosts, the connection status and the health of the CPU, memory, bandwidth (network usage), and storage (disk usage) are monitored using information from XenServer or VMware.

For example, you can configure XenCenter to generate performance alerts when CPU, network I/O or disk I/O usage go over a specified threshold on a managed server or virtual machine. By default, the alert repeat interval is 60 minutes, but you can configure this as well. For details, in the XenServer documentation, see Configuring Performance Alerts.

Note: If no icon appears for a particular metric, this indicates that this metric is not supported by the type of host you are using. For example, no health information is available for System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) hosts.

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