Product Documentation

Create filters

May 20, 2013

When you click numbers on the Dashboard or select a predefined filter from the Filter menu, the Filter view opens to display the data based on the selected machine or failure type.

Predefined filters cannot be edited, but you can save a predefined filter as a custom filter and then modify it. Additionally, you can create custom filtered views of machines, connections, and sessions across all Delivery Groups.

  1. Select a view:
    • Machines — Select Desktop OS Machines or Server OS Machines. These views show the number of configured machines. The Server OS Machines tab also includes the load evaluator index, which indicates the distribution of performance counters and tool tips of the session count if you hover over the link.
    • Sessions — You can also see the session count from the Machines view.
    • Connections — Filter connections by different time periods, including last 60 minutes, last 24 hours, or last 7 days.
    For each view, you can use the preselected columns, or add additional columns to include more information.
  2. For Failure by, select the criteria.
  3. Use the additional tabs for each view, as needed, to complete the filter.
  4. Select additional columns, as needed, to troubleshoot further.
  5. Save and name your filter. To open filter later, from the Filter menu, select the failure type (Machines, Sessions, or Connections), and then select the saved filter.
  6. If needed, for Machines or Connections views, use power controls for all the machines you select in the filtered list. For the Sessions view, use the session controls or option to send messages.

From the filtered results, continue to troubleshoot issues using these options: