Product Documentation

Host desktops and applications

Feb 26, 2013

To deliver hosted applications and desktops to your users through Studio, evaluate the following environment characteristics.

  • What types of users do you support?
    • Perform well-defined tasks that do not need personalization or offline access, such as call center operators.
    • Perform various tasks, and optionally can install and manage their own applications on virtual machines, such as internal, external contractors, third-party collaborators, and other provisional team members.
    • Work from home or other locations, and need access to specific software or data on their corporate desktops to perform their jobs remotely.
    • Need to access locally installed applications directly on their physical devices and access that same application from their virtual desktop.
    • Require the ability to launch Windows applications without requiring network access on their Windows device.
  • What delivery environment do you need?
    • Inexpensive server-based delivery to minimize the cost of delivering applications to a large number of users, while providing a secure, high-definition user experience.
    • Centrally managed applications and desktops that users cannot modify.
    • Adequate resources for users who must consumes a single machine when they log on and modify and save applications and data.
    • Access to centrally managed Windows App-V applications and deliver them to user devices.
  • What types of applications do you want to deliver?
    • Any Windows application.
    • Applications that might not work well with other applications or might interact with the operation system, such as the NET framework.
    • Applications running on older operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows Vista, and older architectures, such as 32-Bit or 16-Bit.
    • Applications that are delivered to remote users from an office computer.
    • Specialty or niche applications that are not yet virtualized, such as AutoCAD, or applications that require access to local hardware, such as DVD burners.
    • Microsoft supported App-V applications.
  • Where are the applications that users need?
    • Physical or virtual machines in a datacenter.
    • Older operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows Vista.
    • Windows App-V servers.
    • Remote user machines.

Once you determine your user and delivery requirements, see Choose an application and desktop delivery method for details about selecting the method for providing applications and desktops to user devices through Studio.