Product Documentation

Best practices

Jun 18, 2013

Many factors determine the best printing solution for a particular environment. Some of these best practices might not apply to your site.

  • Use the Citrix Universal Print Server.
  • Use the Universal printer driver or Windows-native drivers.
  • Minimize the number of printer drivers installed on Server OS machines.
  • Use driver mapping to native drivers.
  • Never install untested printer drivers on a production site.
  • Avoid updating a driver. Always attempt to uninstall a driver, restart the print server, and then install the replacement driver.
  • Uninstall unused drivers or use the Printer driver mapping and compatibility policy to prevent printers from being created with the driver.
  • Try to avoid using version 2 kernel-mode drivers.
  • To determine if a printer model supports XenDesktop, contact the manufacturer or see the Citrix Ready product guide at

    In general, all of the Microsoft-supplied printer drivers are tested with Terminal Services and guaranteed to work with Citrix. However, before using a third-party printer driver, consult your printer driver vendor to ensure the driver is certified for Terminal Services by the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) program. Citrix does not certify printer drivers.