Product Documentation

Provision printers

Mar 19, 2015

This section provides configuration information for the following XenDesktop printer provisioning methods:

  • Citrix Universal Print Server

    The Citrix Universal Print Server provides universal printing support for network printers. The Universal Print Server uses the Universal print driver, a single driver on the Server OS machine that allows local or network printing from any device, including thin clients and tablets.

    The Universal Print Server and the Universal print driver are installed with XenDesktop. To use the Universal Print Server, install it on your print servers, as described in the installation documentation for XenDesktop, and configure it.

  • Auto-created client printers

    XenDesktop includes these universal printing solutions for client printers:

    • Citrix Universal Printer – A generic printer created at the beginning of sessions that is not tied to a printing device. The Citrix Universal Printer is not required to enumerate the available client printers during logon, which can greatly reduce resource usage and decrease user logon times. The Universal Printer can print to any client-side printing device.

      The Citrix Universal Printer might not work for all user devices or Receivers in your environment. The Citrix Universal Printer requires a Windows environment and does not support the Citrix Offline Plug-in or applications that are streamed to the client. Consider using auto-created client printers and the Universal print driver for such environments.

      To use a universal printing solution for non-Windows Receivers, use one of the other Universal print drivers that are based on postscript/PCL and installed automatically with XenDesktop.

    • Citrix Universal print drivers – A device-independent printer driver that supports advanced printer functionality, such as stapling and sorting. If you configure a Citrix Universal print driver, XenDesktop uses the EMF-based Universal print driver by default.

      The Citrix Universal print driver might create smaller print jobs than older or less advanced printer drivers. However, a device-specific driver might be needed to optimize print jobs for a specialized printer.

  • Administrator-assigned session printers

    By default, network printers on the user device are created automatically at the beginning of sessions. XenDesktop enables you to reduce the number of network printers that are enumerated and mapped by specifying the network printers to be created within each session. Such printers are referred to as session printers.

    You can filter session printer policies by IP address to provide proximity printing. Proximity printing enables users within a specified IP address range to automatically access the network printing devices that exist within that same range. Proximity printing is provided by the Citrix Universal Print Server and does not require the configuration described in this section.

    Proximity printing might involve the following scenario:

    • The internal company network operates with a DHCP server which automatically designates IP addresses to users.
    • All departments within the company have unique designated IP address ranges.
    • Network printers exist within each department's IP address range.

    When proximity printing is configured and an employee travels from one department to another, no additional printing device configuration is required. Once the user device is recognized within the new department’s IP address range, it will have access to all network printers within that range.