Product Documentation

Use the Monitor Service OData API

Mar 23, 2015

These documents introduce the Monitor Service application programming interface (API), describe what data is available using the API, and how to access it. Examples are provided to illustrate the API's use. Also explained is how to use SSL to secure the Monitor Service OData API endpoints. These documents are aimed at experienced administrators who are familiar with using OData APIs.

In addition to using the Citrix Director console to display historical data, you can query data using the Monitor Service's API. The API uses a broad framework that provides considerable flexibility for querying data. You can use the API to analyze historical trends for future planning, or to perform detailed troubleshooting of connection and machine failures. You can also use the API to extract information for feeding into other tools and processes; for example, using Microsoft Excel's PowerPivot tables to display the data in different ways. Or, you can build a custom user interface on top of the data that the API provides.

The Monitor Service API uses the Open Data (OData) protocol, which is a Web protocol for querying and updating data, built upon Web technologies such as HTTP. For more information about the OData protocol, see: