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Nov 11, 2013

Gets a list of connection failure counts by type, together with a trend for each type, for the specified number of intervals from now (UTC server time). Each data point in the trend represents the total number of connection failures in the last interval (intervalLength parameter). Provides ability to specify a particular failure type to limit the query or get all failure types.

Parameter Name Type Comments
intervalLength int Interval between data points in minutes for the trend.
numberOfIntervals int Number of requested data points. Used with intervalLength to calculate StartDate.
connectionFailureType int [ConnectionFailureType] If provided (>0), returns only that connection failure type in the results. Otherwise (null or zero) returns a list of all failure types. This integer corresponds to ConnectionFailureType enum.


An IQueryable of ConnectionFailureTrend objects that contain the following for each ConnectionFailureType.

If all types are requested, then the sum is also returned with ConnectionFailureType = -1

If $expand=FailureTrend is included in the query, the trend and TotalFailureCount properties are retrieved for each failure type.

If $expand=DesktopGroupBreakdown is included in the query, that property is also retrieved for each failure type.

Property Name Type Comments
ConnectionFailureType int [ConnectionFailureType] Type of connection failure (from enum ConnectionFailureType).
FailureTrend List<TrendItem> TrendItem contains a UTC Date (DateTime), and a Value (nullable double) to indicate the trend of connection failures over the time period specified for this type of failure.
TotalFailureCount int Total number of failures over the specified time period.
DesktopGroupBreakdown List<DesktopGroupBreakdown> DesktopGroupBreakdown contains a DesktopGroup object (must be included in the expand to be returned) and Count (int) to represent the total number of failures in the specified time window.


Retrieve both Delivery Group breakdown and the failure trend for the last 60 minutes with a data point every 1 minute:


Retrieve Delivery Group breakdown only for the failure type 4 (No Capacity Available) for the last 30 minutes


Retrieve the failure trend for all failure types for the last 24 hours with a data point every hour: