Product Documentation


Jul 24, 2013

Gets the Load Evaluation Index (LEI) trend for Server OS Machines for the specified time period (in minutes). Each data point represents the average load index over this interval. An IQueryable of LoadIndexTrendItems is returned, which represents the effective load index and the breakdown by individual types (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, SessionCount).

Parameter Name Type Comments
startDate DateTime Start of the time window to be queried for the load index trend. Must be UTC.
endDate DateTime End of the time window to be queried for the load index trend. Must be UTC.
intervalLength int Interval between data points in minutes for the trend.
desktopGroupsFilter string Comma-separated list of Delivery Group Uids to limit the trend result to.
machineFilter string Comma-separated list of machine Sids to limit the trend result to. Expects MultiSession machines.


An IQueryable of objects that contains the following:

Property Name Type Comments
LoadIndexTrend List<LoadIndexTrendItem> LoadIndexTrendItem contains a UTC Date (DateTime) and an integer for total LEI, as well as integers for each of the LEI portions (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, SessionCount) in a separate object (provided if $expand=Breakdown is included in the query).


Gets a 24-hour trend (data point every 15 minutes) of the load index trend and breakdown for the two Delivery Groups specified.


Gets a week-long trend (data point every 4 hours) of the load index trend.