Product Documentation


Jul 03, 2014

Gets the logon duration trend (average) grouped by an interval (TimeOfDay, DayOfWeek, etc) over the specified time period. Includes only logons that completed successfully (which have both a LogOnStartDate and a LogOnEndDate in the database).

Parameter Name Type Comments
start DateTime Start of the time window to be queried for the average logon duration trend. Must be UTC.
end DateTime End of the time window to be queried for the logon duration trend. Must be UTC.
intervalLength int Interval between data points in minutes for the trend.


An IQueryable of TrendItem objects. TrendItem contains a UTC Date (DateTime) and a Value to indicate the trend of average logon counts over the start and end time period specified.


Gets one hour of data, single data point per minute representing the total number of logons for that minute. If no logons occurred during that minute, the value in the TrendItem is zero.