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Jul 03, 2014

Gets the data points to represent a trend of concurrent sessions (connected) as a list of DateTime/value pairs for the specified time period. Each point represents the maximum number of concurrent connected sessions over the interval specified.

Parameter Name Type Comments
startDate DateTime Start of the time window to be queried for concurrent sessions. Must be UTC.
endDate DateTime End of the time window to be queried for concurrent sessions. Must be UTC.
sessionSupportFilter string List of comma-delimited machine type integers to limit the query to (Single=1, Multiple=2, Unknown=0). Default is all types, if no filter specified.
desktopGroupFilter string List of comma-delimited Delivery Group Uids to limit the query to. If no value is specified, all Delivery Groups are returned.
connectionStateFilter string List of comma-delimited connection state integers to limit the query to (1=Connected, 2=Disconnected). If not specified, default is both.


IQueryable list of SessionSummary objects - IQueryable<SessionSummary>.

Each SessionSummary contains the following:

  • DesktopGroup (name and Uid)
  • AverageSessionCount (double)
  • Average number of concurrent sessions for the specified time period. This is the average of the peak values for the time period using the granularity available for that time period
  • AverageUserCount (double)
  • Average number of users connected for the specified time period
  • PeakUserCount (int)
  • Peak number of users connected at any point in the specified time period
  • UniqueUserCount (int)
  • Total number of unique users over the specified time period
  • AverageHoursPerDay (double)
  • Average duration of a session (hours per user per day)
  • DesktopGroup (name and Uid)


Gets a list of all Session summary objects over 24 hours for all sessions.


Gets a list of summary objects over 24 hours for Server OS Machine sessions