Product Documentation

Mobile Experience policy settings

Dec 13, 2013

The Mobile Experience section contains policy settings for handling the Citrix Mobility Pack.

Automatic keyboard display

This setting enables or disables the automatic display of the keyboard on mobile device screens.

By default, the automatic display of the keyboard is disabled.

Launch touch-optimized desktop

This setting determines the overall Receiver interface behavior by allowing or prohibiting a touch-friendly interface that is optimized for tablet devices.

By default, a touch-friendly interface is used.

To use only the Windows interface, set this policy to Prohibited.

Remote the combo box

This setting determines the types of combo boxes you can display in sessions on mobile devices. To display the device-native combo box control, set this policy to Allowed. When this setting is allowed, a user can change a Receiver for iOS session setting to use the Windows combo box.

By default, the Remote the combo box feature is prohibited.