Product Documentation

Smart card deployment for non-domain-joined computers

Nov 01, 2013

This deployment involves non-domain-joined user devices that run the Desktop Viewer and connect directly to StoreFront.

A user logs on to a device. Typically, the user enters a user name and password but, since the device is not joined to a domain, credentials for this logon are optional. Because bimodal authentication is possible in this deployment, Receiver prompts the user either for a smart card and PIN or a user name and password. Receiver then authenticates to Storefront.

StoreFront passes the user security identifiers (SIDs) to Citrix XenDesktop. When the user starts a virtual desktop or application, the user is prompted for a PIN again because the single sign-on feature is not available in this deployment.

This deployment can be extended to a double-hop with the addition of a second StoreFront server and a server hosting applications. A Receiver from the virtual desktop authenticates to the second StoreFront server. Any authentication method can be used for this second connection. The configuration shown for the first hop can be reused in the second hop or used in the second hop only.