Product Documentation


Mar 11, 2014

You can transfer data and settings from a XenDesktop 4 farm to a XenDesktop 7.x Site using the Migration Tool, which includes the following components:

  • The Export Tool, XdExport, to export XenDesktop 4 farm data.
  • An XML editor to review and edit the XML file, whose default name is XdSettings.xml.
  • The Import Tool, XdImport, that imports the data by running the PowerShell script Import-XdSettings.ps1.

To successfully use the Migration Tool, both deployments must have the same:

  • Hypervisor version (for example, XenServer 6.2)
  • Active Directory environment

XenApp Restrictions

  • You cannot migrate earlier XenApp versions to the current version
  • You cannot migrate XenApp farms to XenDesktop
  • You cannot migrate XenDesktop 4 to XenApp


Perform the following tasks before migration:

  • Make sure that you understand which data can be exported and imported, and how this applies to your own deployment. Information on which types of data are exported and imported is available at Data import and export details.
  • Citrix strongly recommends that you manually back up the Site Database, so that you can restore it if any issues are discovered.
  • Set up a XenDesktop 7.x Site, including its database. For full details of database requirements, see Database requirements.
  • To migrate from XenDesktop 4 to XenDesktop 7.x, all VDAs must be at a XenDesktop 5.x level so that they are compatible with both XenDesktop 4 and XenDesktop 7.x controllers. Once the controller infrastructure is fully running XenDesktop 7.x, Windows 7 VDAs can be upgraded to XenDesktop 7.x. For specific information see Migration examples.

The following figure summarizes the migration process.

Migration steps

  1. In the Desktop Studio console on the XenDesktop 4 Controller, put all machines you want to export into maintenance mode.
  2. Export data and settings from your XenDesktop 4 farm to an XML file using the export tool. To do this, see Export from a XenDesktop 4 farm.
  3. Edit the XML file so that it contains only the data and settings you want to import into your XenDesktop 7.x Site. For further details of how to edit the XML file, see Edit the Migration Tool XML file.
  4. Import the data and settings from the XML file to your XenDesktop 7.x Site. To use the import tool to complete this step, see Import XenDesktop 4 data.
  5. To make additional changes, repeat steps 4 and 5. After making changes, you may want to import additional desktops into existing desktop groups. To do so, use the Mergedesktops option as described in Import XenDesktop 4 data.
  6. Complete the post-migration tasks described in Post-migration tasks.

For migration examples, see Migration examples.

New concepts and features

Compared to XenDesktop 4, this release has many new features and introduces new concepts. For new concepts, terminology, and system requirements, see About XenDesktop.