Product Documentation

Post-migration tasks

Apr 08, 2013

After successfully importing data from a XenDesktop 4 farm to a XenDesktop 7.x Site, perform the following tasks before using the new Site for production work:

  • Upgrade the machines' Virtual Delivery Agents (VDAs). Although it is not required, Citrix recommends that you upgrade VDAs before upgrading Controllers, Studio, or Director. See In-place upgrade.
    • For Windows Vista and Windows XP, upgrade to XenDesktop 5. 6 Feature Pack 1 Virtual Desktop Agent.
    • For Windows 7, upgrade to the XenDesktop 7.x Virtual Delivery Agent.
  • Create any administrators you need for the XenDesktop 7.x Site.
  • Update user devices — Citrix recommends that you update user devices with the latest version of Citrix Receiver to benefit from hotfixes and to receive support for the latest features. For further details, see Receiver and Plug-ins.
  • Modify the imported desktops to use registry-based Controller discovery, and point them to the XenDesktop 7.x Controllers using one of the following methods:
    • Manually edit the registry:
      • Remove unnecessary Organizational Unit (OU) GUID registry entry.
      • Add a ListOfDDCs registry entry.
    • Set up a machine policy to distribute the list of Controllers to the desktops, using the Active Directory policy GPMC.msc. You cannot configure this setting from Studio.

    Registry-based Controller discovery is the default for XenDesktop 7.x, but Active Directory-based discovery is still available; for further details, see Active Directory considerations.

  • Optionally, implement the following registry key settings described in the best practices for XenDesktop registry-based registration in CTX133384:
    • HeartbeatPeriodMS
    • PrepareSessionConnectionTimeoutSec
    • MaxWorkers
    • DisableActiveSessionReconnect
    • ControllersGroupGuid

    If you do not perform this action, the default XenDesktop 7.x settings for these keys are used.

  • Remove the imported machines from maintenance mode if they were in maintenance mode in XenDesktop 4 before the XML file was generated.
  • Check the XenDesktop 7.x settings to make sure that they are correct, particularly if you had changed the PortICAConfig XML file on XenDesktop 4.
  • Review all migrated components described in Data import and export details to make sure that the migration was successful.