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XenDesktop 5 upgrade factors

Jan 09, 2014

Upgrade considerations

  • Existing Sites
    • You must use the procedure known as an in-place upgrade. You cannot import or migrate data from a XenDesktop 5 Site to a XenDesktop 7 Site.
    • Although parallel sites (for example, XenDesktop 5 and XenDesktop 7) are allowed, you cannot manage a XenDesktop 5 Site with XenDesktop Studio 7. Also, you cannot install XenDesktop Studio 7 on the same machine as a XenDesktop 5 Studio, unless you intend to upgrade the XenDesktop 5 Site. That is, you cannot run side-by-side Studio installations.
    • Do not upgrade a stand-alone Desktop Studio to Desktop Studio 7 if you are not ready to use XenDesktop 7.
    • You cannot upgrade Desktop Studio Express Edition. You must obtain and install a license for VDI, Enterprise, or Platinum edition before upgrading.
    • You cannot use Studio to configure your site to use your XenApp Platinum licenses. See Manage licensing for information about handling XenApp Platinum licenses with XenDesktop.
  • Delivery Controllers — For Sites with one Controller, the Site is inoperable during the upgrade. For Sites with more than one Controller, the Site can continue to operate during the upgrade. The upgrade only causes a brief interruption in establishing new client connections during the final database upgrade steps. There may also be times when the Site has reduced capacity because fewer Controllers are available.
  • VDAs — You cannot upgrade Virtual Desktop Agents running on Windows XP or Windows Vista to version 7 Virtual Delivery Agents. You must upgrade these VDAs to the Windows XP or Windows Vista version provided by the installer, or upgrade them to Version 5.6 Feature Pack 1.
  • Provisioning Services (PVS)
    • Before upgrading a Site, upgrade any Provisioning Services servers that are installed on management machines in the environment. See Upgrading Provisioning Servers.
    • Provisioning Services 7 does not support creating new desktops with XenDesktop 5 versions. Therefore, although the existing desktops continue to work, you cannot create new desktops with Provisioning Services until you complete the upgrade of your controllers and database to XenDesktop 7. If you intend to upgrade Provisioning Services, keep this limitation in mind when planning your entire site upgrade.
    • If you have XenApp Platinum licenses, you can carry forward Provisioning Services to use with a XenDesktop 7 App Edition license. To do so, you must configure the correct license settings using the PowerShell SDK cmdlet on the Site's Delivery Controller, as described in Manage licensing.

High level upgrade steps

The following diagrams show the high level steps for XenDesktop 5 upgrade.

Post upgrade processes

After the upgrade and data migration is complete, you can run environment and configuration tests to make sure that the Site is in functional order.

To test the upgraded site, select Test Site in the Site Configuration pane of the Studio Common Tasks page.