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Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007

May 08, 2015

The Citrix XenApp Management Pack supports Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 SP 1 on servers running Citrix XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008, Citrix XenApp 6 for Windows Server 2008 R2, and Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2. The Management Pack allows you to monitor the health, availability, and configuration of XenApp servers and server farms, and anticipate and react quickly to problems that might occur.

Operations Manager is a management solution for Microsoft Windows server deployments that collects, filters, analyzes, responds to, and reports information about computers—all from a single view on a desktop console. You can use Operations Manager for performance monitoring, event management, alerting and reporting, and trend analysis.

Operations Manager also includes an extensive product support knowledge base, with links to Knowledge Base articles on the Microsoft Web site that provides you with centralized access to the information you require to manage a complex enterprise environment and troubleshoot problems occurring on servers and applications across the network.

For more information about Operations Manager, see Microsoft’s Web site:

The Management Pack interprets and reports information supplied by:
  • The XenApp Provider that runs on Citrix servers
  • The Licensing Provider that runs on license servers
  • System events generated on Citrix servers
Key features and benefits of using the Management Pack in your XenApp deployment are:
State monitoring
The Management Pack monitors the overall state of your deployment, determining its availability and performance state at any given time by comparing real-time data collected from the Provider and the Licensing Provider against thresholds defined in the Management Pack. You can view this information at different levels, from the state of the deployment as a whole, right down to the state of individual servers.
Event management
The Management Pack captures a variety of events from servers and server farms. These events are collated and then presented through the Operations Manager Console, allowing an overall view of server operation.
Performance monitoring
You can use the Management Pack to monitor server performance. You can customize rules and create new ones to set thresholds for key performance attributes in the server farm.
Extensive knowledge base
The Management Pack includes an extensive product support knowledge base, including links to relevant Citrix Knowledge Center articles. Centralized access to information about managing servers allows you to quickly interpret events and troubleshoot problems.
Customizable monitors, rules, and alerts
Changes in state, such as raised events or breached thresholds, trigger rules and alerts to notify you of any state changes. You can configure the Management Pack to customize how it responds to state-changing events by modifying and extending the monitors and rules to meet the needs of your environment.
Important: Alerts relating to farm metric servers or summary database servers are not raised on servers running XenApp 5.
Citrix views
Citrix views are available in the Citrix Presentation Server folder. These views allow you to monitor events and alerts raised for servers and server farms, and to identify trends and performance issues occurring on servers and published applications.
Easy installation
The Management Pack consists of three files that are available on the installation media or for download from To install the Management Pack, simply import these files into Operations Manager using the Operations Manager Console. Also see
Sealed Management Pack
The Management Pack is packaged, versioned, and signed with a certificate. The certificate used to sign the Management Pack is provided by a publicly trusted Certificate Authority verifying that the software was developed and produced by Citrix. Sealing the Management Pack means that you can import and customize the Management Pack and all your customizations are saved separately from the original pack. When you upgrade to a new version of the Management Pack, all your customizations are retained and included in the next version of the pack.

For further information about installing the XenApp Provider and the Licensing Provider, see Managing Providers and WMI.

System Requirements for the Management Pack

To use the Management Pack, you must be running Operations Manager 2007 or Operations Manager 2007 SP1. For information about Operations Manager 2007 minimum hardware and software requirements, see your Operations Manager 2007 documentation.

To obtain information about servers and the server farm, the Management Pack requires the XenApp Provider to be installed on every XenApp computer that you want to monitor. The XenApp Provider is a data provider that extracts information about the server on which it is installed and presents this to the Operations Manager Agent. The Provider supplies information about the server and, where appropriate, about the farm in which this server operates.

The Management Pack also requires the Licensing Provider to be installed on the license servers if you want to monitor them. The Licensing Provider is a data provider that supplies information about Citrix licenses. For example, the Management Pack displays information about the number of licenses in use for each license pool, and raises alerts if the pool is low on available licenses or if a license is about to expire.

Both Providers are installed by default. For more information about the Providers, see Managing Providers and WMI.

Only licensed servers running Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 or later are fully supported as managed servers. Unlicensed servers and servers running earlier versions are not monitored by the Management Pack.

The Management Pack does not support agentless monitoring.

To install the Management Pack

  1. Locate the three files,,, and The files on the installation media are also available for download from
    Note: If you do not want to monitor license servers, you can omit the file.
  2. Log on to the Operations Manager and open the Operations Console.
  3. Click Administration in the Administration pane and expand the Administration node.
  4. Right-click Management Packs, then select Import Management Pack(s).
  5. Select the three Management Pack files and click Open.
    Note: If you do not want to monitor license servers, you can omit the file. The Management Pack successfully monitors the other servers in your deployment.
    Important: provides the foundation components for all Citrix Management Packs and must be imported prior to importing any other Citrix Management Packs. In addition, requires If you import these files without also importing the files they are dependent upon, the Management Pack will not function properly. However, the Management Pack functions correctly after these dependencies are resolved.
  6. Click Import.
    Note: If you are upgrading the Management Pack, you are notified that you are replacing the existing Management Pack. Continuing with the upgrade will not affect any customized rules or company knowledge articles that you added to the Management Pack.

After the Management Pack installs or upgrades successfully, Operations Manager automatically deploys it to all the managed computers in your management group.

Management Pack Post-Installation Tasks

After you install the Management Pack, add the servers you want to monitor to the list of agent-managed computers if you are not already monitoring these computers using Operations Manager. Ensure that all license servers are also added to the list of managed computers in Operations Manager. To add these servers to the list of managed computers, install the Operations Manager agents on the respective servers. For more information, see your Operations Manager documentation.

Some health monitors specific to XenApp are disabled by default because they require configuration to make them appropriate to your site. For information about how to configure these monitors, see Configuring and Enabling Site-specific Monitors.
Important: Ensure that the XenApp Provider is installed on every server that you want to monitor, and that an appropriate license is allocated in each server farm being monitored. For more information about the XenApp Provider and the Licensing Provider, see Managing Providers and WMI.

Uninstalling the Management Pack

You can uninstall the Management Pack by using the Operations Manager Console. Uninstalling the Management Pack removes all the references to it from the Operations Manager database, including the base monitoring objects provided by the Management Pack along with any dynamically discovered event, performance, or alert data. For information about uninstalling management packs, see your Operations Manager documentation.
Important: If there are any other management packs in Operations Manager that are dependent on the Citrix XenApp Management Pack, you must uninstall them before you can successfully uninstall the Management Pack.

Citrix Managed Objects Included in the Management Pack

The Management Pack monitors and reports on several Citrix-specific objects. These objects are described in the following table:

Object Description
Citrix Deployment Represents a discovered XenApp deployment that can consist of multiple farms and zones.
Citrix Farm Represents a XenApp farm that can consist of multiple zones. A farm is monitored by a single farm metric server.
Citrix Zone Represents a zone that can consist of multiple Citrix managed servers. A zone is managed by a single zone data collector.
Citrix Zone Data Collector Represents a managed server performing the role of zone data collector.
Citrix Farm Metric Server Represents a managed server performing the role of farm metric server.
Citrix Managed Server Represents a server monitored by Operations Manager.
Citrix Unsupported Server Represents a server not monitored by Operations Manager. An unsupported server is not running a version of XenApp supported by the Management Pack running the XenApp Provider.
Citrix Unlicensed Server Represents a server not monitored by Operations Manager. An unlicensed server is running the XenApp Provider, but is unlicensed or missing a valid license. Operations Manager checks the licenses on these servers hourly.
Citrix License Server Represents a server running Citrix Licensing.
Citrix Server Represents a server running any XenApp component.

To open the AppCenter from the Operations Manager Console

If you installed the Citrix AppCenter on the Operations Manager server, you can start the console from the Operations Manager Console.

You can start the AppCenter from any non-empty Citrix view.

Important: To start the AppCenter, the ASCLAUNCHPATH environment variable must be set to the path of the console; for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Citrix Delivery Services Console\Framework\CmiLaunch.exe.
  1. Log on to the Operations Manager Console.
  2. Perform one of the following:
    • In the Actions pane, select Start Access Management Console.
    • Right-click an object in the Results pane, and select Managed Citrix Presentation Server tasks > Start Access Management Console.