Product Documentation

XenApp Server Utilities Reference

Jun 06, 2012

Citrix XenApp server utilities provide an alternative method to using the console for maintaining and configuring servers and farms. Citrix XenApp server utilities must be run from a command prompt on a server running Citrix XenApp.

Command Description
altaddr Specify server alternate IP address.
app Run application execution shell.
auditlog Generate server logon/logoff reports.
ctxkeytool Generate farm key for IMA encryption.
ctxxmlss Change the Citrix XML Service port number.
dscheck Validate the integrity of the server farm data store.
dsmaint Maintain the server farm’s data store.
enablelb Enable load balancing for servers that fail health monitoring tests.
icaport Configure TCP/IP port number used by the ICA protocol on the server.
imaport Change IMA ports.
query View information about server farms, processes, ICA sessions, and users.