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Navigating Citrix Policies and Settings

Mar 17, 2010

In Active Directory, policy settings are collected into two main categories: Computer Configuration and User Configuration. Computer configuration settings pertain to servers, regardless of who logs on. User configuration settings pertain to users accessing the server, regardless of where they log on.

XenApp policies and settings are collected into similar categories: Computer and User. Computer policy settings pertain to XenApp servers and are applied when the server is rebooted. User policy settings pertain to user sessions and are applied for the duration of the session.

Accessing Policies and Settings

In the Delivery Services Console, you can access policies and settings by clicking the Policies node from the console tree and then selecting either the Computer or User tabs in the middle pane. In the Group Policy Editor, you can access policies and settings by clicking the Citrix Policies node under Computer Configuration or User Configuration in the tree pane.

The Computer and User tabs each display a list of the policies that have been created. Beneath this list, the following tabs are displayed:
  • Summary displays the settings and filters currently configured for the selected policy
  • Settings displays by category the available and configured settings for the selected policy
  • Filters displays the available and configured filters for the selected policy

Searching Policies and Settings

From these consoles, you can search the policies you create and their settings and filters. All searches find items by name as you type. You can perform searches from the following places:
  • For searching policies, use the search tool near the list of Citrix policies
  • For searching settings, use the search tool on the Settings tab
  • For searching filters, use the search tool on the Filters tab
You can refine your search by:
  • On the Settings or Filters tabs, selecting Active Settings or Active Filters, respectively, to search only the settings or filters that have been added to the selected policy.
  • On the Settings tab, selecting a category such as Auto Client Reconnect or Bandwidth to search only the settings in that category.

To search the entire catalog of settings or filters, select All Settings or All Filters.